Beach Retreat
At Lagoonie Lodge Hotel
7 Nights/8 Days

This program is the combination of all the essential parameters for better health and excellent physical and mental well-being. It is therefore essential and extremely important to create a perfect harmony between the mind and the human body, in order to find inner peace to reach the feelings of well-being and to have a balanced lifestyle.

Activities Included in your Program

I.Physical Wellness:
Having optimal levels of physical activity and maintaining proper nutrition is key to improving your overall emotional wellness. We achieve the Physical wellness through various methods

1.Physical activity:
- Daily Exercises
- Slimming program
- Moderate hikes
- Adequate rest “Sleep Early – Wakeup Early”
- Burial in the healing sand of Safaga
- Massage and Sauna sessions
- Turkish Hammam

2.Nutrition: A complete nutritional program natural and slimming.
Our nutrition program is 100% natural. We have carefully prepared the diet recipes and Provide a variety of detoxing fresh juices essential for better health. At the Lagoonie Lodge Hotel, visitors can all benefit from a variety of food resources. More specifically, the hotel offers a special service for those who want to learn about balanced nutrition, the team of nutritionists and dietary specialists offers them a one week tailored nutrition plan, so that each individual be satisfied.

3.Detoxification Activity: A natural detoxification program.
We have implemented a nutrition program that will help you resist toxin build-up that you have already experienced and teach you the best techniques and feeds that will help your body not to accumulate these toxins The service includes a professional accompaniment that allows each visitor to stay on course. The goal of the team is to give him a program of purification and detoxification.

II.Spiritual Wellness
Psychological health is a goal to achieve and a result to maintain for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.
Just by landing in an unknown place on the other side of the earth, even if it is a well-chosen destination, our mind can let go and forget the anxiety, the stress, the disorientation … Safaga’s clean air will provide visitors with reassurance, especially with the welcome of a friendly team upon their arrival. The dynamic and soothing character of the hotel will be added and will allow them to continue their stay in the pleasure.
The Lodge also has something to nourish their dynamism and desire to awaken through many activities for all ages. Between the various daily outings, they will also be able to look at the psychological fitness programs developed and conducted by people who have studied, practiced and perfected their learning techniques.
Yoga and meditation classes are comprehensive enough to let visitors return home ready to face and improve their world.

III.Social Wellness
Through our program you will be introduced to a new culture, get the chance to interact with different people from different backgrounds, and will get the opportunity to make new friends around the globe.

IV.Environmental Wellness
We encourage you to live in harmony with the Earth by taking action to protect it and promotes interaction with nature and your personal environment. The Beach retreat will give you the opportunity to discover the red sea, magical deserts and mountains through our Safari – Hiking – Quad – BBQ evening with Bedouins in the desert, snorkeling – Boat trip