Discover Egypt Cairo & Alexandria


Cairo, Egypt's capital right on the Nile River. At its heart is the Egyptian Museum, one of the world's great museums, a trove of antiquities including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artifacts. Nearby, Giza is the site of the iconic Pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC.

In the heart of Cairo there is Khan El-Khalili which was established as a shopping district in AD 1400 and one of the world's great shopping experiences where you pick up traditional Egyptian products.Nearby is located a lot of other attractions like Cairo's Citadel that was built by Saladin in 1176 and The Mosque of Muhammad Ali.


Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a popular tourist destination, extending about 32 km (20 mi) along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. During the Hellenistic period, it was home to a lighthouse ranking among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as well as a storied library.

Today the library is reincarnated in the disc-shaped, ultramodern Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The city also has Greco-Roman landmarks, old-world cafs and sandy beaches.Its 15th-century seafront Qaitbay Citadel is now a museum. Alexandria is also famous for the beautiful Stanley Bridge and the fascinating Montaza Gardens surrounding the Royal Palace.

North Coast
North Coast of Egypt has succeeded over the past few years in earning the reputation of a world-class sea resort, by catering to more exclusive lifestyles through beautiful and upscale tourist villages. Guests are flocking in from Europe and the Arab countries to this stretch of pristine coastline during summer.

The area is dotted with five-star very luxurious resorts and villas, waiting to welcome those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded mass tourism favorites. Moreover, the area offers all the needed facilities for you to practice your favorite water sports and spend some quality time on the Mediterranean Sea. North Coast is also known for it's lavish nightlife spots.